Our Irish Forest Garden



After a chance meeting with nature activist Mary Reynolds, we started an experiment to bring a forest garden design off the page and into reality.  We had an 1/8th of an acre to work with and to build something up from scratch by hand.  Now 5 years on and we haven’t looked back.  Recently we expanded on the initial idea into our other fields and started to create habitats as sanctuary for ourselves and even more-so, the biodiversity around us.  We have always grown as much of our own organic food here as possible.  Since our lives changed rather dramatically last year, and our day jobs in the music industry have been on pause,  we have expanded our growing into a mini market garden with which we hope to feed some of our friends and neighbours with either a box scheme and/or market stall.  We are harvesting seed from some of the plants that grow here so that we can share them with people looking to do similar on their own land and we have started the process of having own whole plot certified organic.